Mission Statement

It is the mission of Gammons Medical to increase the level of civility in society. Civility is respect for humanity. When we are civil we are happier. We feel better about ourselves and others feel better about themselves.

Absolute Purity refers to absolute purity of intent. Pure intentions mean doing the right thing the right way for the right reasons. If our intentions are pure then our goals are not selfish. Pure intentions mean approaching a situation, whatever that situation may be, without self-centeredness. Absolute purity is civil. With purity of intent we can make a mistake, discuss an uncomfortable topic, create appropriate boundaries, and we can say no. With absolute purity we can do all of this with civility.

Most of us are civil. All of us have room for improvement. We are only human so none of us are expected to be perfect. But we can all try our best to be civil. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s not the least bit tricky. Our mission at Gammons Medical is to provide superior medical care with absolute purity in an atmosphere of unusual civility.